Supported Systems:
CentOS 6
Debian 7
Also Works:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Ubuntu LTS 12.4
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
OpenSUSE 13.1


New core scanning service for Linux servers gives you on-demand scans and mail-server integration.
Key Features
On-demand or mail-server integration
With avast! Core Security for Linux, you get a core scanner and a command-line scan
utility that can be used for on-demand scanning or mail-server integration using
The most current virus definitions
Taking advantage of our CommunityIQ, we have more than 200 million devices
around the world that constantly feed and improve our virus database, to give you
the best possible protection in real time.
Support for the latest servers
The new avast! Core Security for Linux supports native 64-bit x86 systems,
to protect most Linux servers.


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